Ribonucleic Acids Statistical Potential

WebRASP is a server that computes energy scores for assessing the stability of RNA structures. The server receives as input a PDB file containing the atomic coordinates of the RNA structure and calculates the energy profile and total energy score of the molecule. The server displays the results graphically and the visualization can be modified by the user interactively.

The core of the server relies on RASP, the Ribunucleic Acids Statistical Potential, developed by Capriotti et al. (1). RASP is a knowledge-based potential for scoring RNA structures based on distance-dependent pairwise atomic interactions. There are four RASP potentials available: coarse-grain (C3'), backbone, backbone-ribose as full-atom.

1. Capriotti E, Norambuena T, Marti-Renom MA, Melo F. (2011) All-atom knowledge-based potential for RNA structure prediction and assessment. Bioinformatics 27(8):1086-93